Dust is something you clean in your house. Health is wealth. When you remove the dust, you are creating a healthy environment in your house. Dust is some thing that  accumulates everyday. Regular home cleaning help to eliminate dust mites, allergens and pathogens. Regular home cleaning  will be more hygienic and a safer place to inhabit. If we keep gap in cleaning house, we will face numbers of health issues like asthma, allergies, and other health issues.

 Let’s talk the asthma. It sufferers dust is a real nightmare. Asthma troubles their breathing and worsens lung dysfunction. If you clean your house regularly or hire professional to clean your house, it even helping asthma people to breath easily.

Your kids, family and seniors need a healthy, dustless home environment.  So we need to clean the dust regularly in all areas in the house like living room to each or each corner the corner of house. That is why we need to maintain cleaning routine schedule to clean your house.

You might have heard house-dust mite which is a very small eight-legged bug, that can’t be seen with naked eyes. As you all know dust mites adore humid and warm places, such as your bed, carpets and upholstered furniture.  These are harmful for your health and home environment. If you know well their food are dead skin scales of people.  I am sure that you don’t want these nasty dust mites to reign in your home area. To get rid of them, we dust your house on regular basis and clean your bathroom and kitchen with warm soap water. Dusting is mandatory as well. Detergent is advised to sprayed on different surfaces after wiping.

As Maids in Pink is a professional cleaning company for your home and offices, we advice to use our cleaners for a professional cleaning services. We are reliable, professional and there is a peace of mind for your cleaning need.

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