Move in/out Cleaning

Cleaning can be a hassle when moving spaces or having tenants empty properties.You need to save your time and energy for more important things.

At Maids In Pink, we provide extensive, comprehensive moving-clean services for personal and business needs, comprehensive carpet and floor cleaning included. Our pros take care to clean spaces gently, ensuring nothing is damaged during the cleaning process. We ad here to a high level of standards and accept nothing but the best clean for each and every one of our jobs, no matter how big or small.

Our services extend to cleaning out short-term rental spaces as well. We work with our clients to meet deadlines and leave areas sparkling and sanitary. We do our best to use green products to provide a peace of mind for our clients; we know you care about the environment, and so do we. Take some stress off your shoulders by letting us take care of the cleaning.

When To Use a Move-Out Cleaning Service

In our huge city of Calgary or Edmonton, moving is always happening at all times of the year, and as the best cleaning service, Maids In Pink knows this well. The residential moving cleaning service offered by Maids In Pink is perfect for you if you’re a tenant or home owner moving properties.

If you’re a renting tenant, it is usually required of you to properly clean out the rented space upon move-out if you wish to have your security or damage deposit returned. We can help you make that happen. We can clean the space you leave behind, following any special instructions you provide in a timely, effective manner.

If you are a landlord or property managers who is dealing with vacated properties which have not been adequately cleaned out by the departing tenants, Maids in Pink Can help.

By allowing us to do the cleaning for you, you’ll take a big load off your mind and have a professionally cleaned space ready to show new potential residents. Also, if you’re moving into a space but not satisfied or certain of its cleanliness, Maids In Pink can clean everything up so you can enjoy your new space with a peace of mind.

Even if everything appears to be clean, it never hurts to make sure by having a professional crew give everything a thorough wash, especially if you have allergies or children, or if the previous tenants had pets. We will make sure to go over everything in detail so your new space is clean and fresh. And, as always, we will follow any special requests you have, whether it’s a more rigorous clean for the carpet, making sure all the blinds are dust-free, or special attention on sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens.

Moving out is inherently a very stressful process. There often is not enough time to clean things as deeply or properly as you would like to, or to leave it as clean and spotless as you found it. Stains on carpet and flooring, on walls, in your kitchen, or in the bathrooms can require a lot of time for the average person to clean, not to mention special tools and techniques.

Sometimes, a single stain or mark can take the average person hours to clean, and they may not even be successful in the end. This does not help calm you down when you are in the midst of moving houses.

Instead of stressing yourself out over the details, let Maids In Pink give you a hand and wash away your worries… literally!

What Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Generally Includes:

A complete cleaning of your house or apartment (bathroom, floors, etc.)

Washrooms from top to bottom

Kitchen appliances, inside and outside

Range and stove top

Cobwebs and spider webs


Cabinet and drawer inside and outside cleaning

Mopping  and Vacuuming

As always, our services can be personalized to suit your unique needs. Whatever your requirements are for residential moving cleaning in Calgary or Edmonton, you can contact us and discuss your situation.

Your satisfaction is not just our goal: It’s our promise.


Window and glass cleaning,free of fingerprints and streaks



Carpet steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Maids in Pink certificated professionals are extensively trained to handle any carpet material and texture.

Just leave it to us and we will make sure your carpets look spotless using the proper cleaning techniques and professional equipment.